Special Coatings and Overprint Varnishes

Our water based and solvent based special coatings and overprint varnishes are prefential used for surfaces like cardboard, plastic films and paper. Depending on the application, our special coatings and overprint varnishes can be gloss and mat varnish, scratch resistant, water resistant and heat resistant up to 250°C. Typical application examples are labels for PET-bottles, wine and sparkling wine bottles as well as playing cards.



Our water based and solvent based primer are used as first coat and support the adhesion of subsequently varnish and paint. They are principally used for surfaces like cardboard, paper, aluminium and plastic films.


Barrier Coatings

Our water based and solvent based barrier coatings are used for cardboard- or plastic film coatings. Using barrier coatings on cardboard, they can be fat- and water resistant. barrier coatings on plastic film help the surfaces to be water resistant and impermeable to oxygen. That's the reason why it's mainly used in food industries. Typical application examples are packagig for fruit and meat as well as packaging for animal food.


UV Coatings

Our solvent free UV coatings are suited for offset-, screen- and digital printing. By the application of UV coatings the following special effects can be attained: high gloss, embossed effect, micro- and makro effect and glitter. Typical application examples are special effects on pictures in brochures and magazines.


IML (In Mould Labeling)

Our water based IML varnishes are water- and heat resistant, scratch resistant and static loadable. They result in the conflation of labels with their packaging. Depending on the application, IML coatings can be transparent, high glossy or matt. Some coatings are characterized by their high water resistance for pasteurisation and dishwasher use. Among others, typical application examples are plastic packaging for foodstuffs and labels.


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