Starting in November 2006, our company produces and develops varnishes and adhesives especially for the packaging industry. Back then, in Wehye / Lower saxony near Bremen, we found a suitable production facility to start our own business. 


One of our emphasis lies in the production for the food and packaging industry.


Our costumers are companies, which coat aluminum and plastic foils or imprint paper and cardboard. Additionally we produce laminate and PSA adhesives for flexible materials. You are searching for primers, top coatings (dull, glossy, soft or rough), heat seal coatings or adhesives? we will find the right product for your concern in our diverse assortment. With our decades-long experience in the chemistry industry, we can develop and produce innovative products. By reference to our competent, technical service and the customized innovations, we are your brilliant partner for varnishes and adhesives worldwide.


Dr. Detlef Drosdziok

Managing Director Adesiv GmbH


Study of chemistry in Düsseldorf. 1989 to 1999 director of quality management at Morton International GmbH in Bremen, till 2004 process engineering and production management at Rohm and Haas in Bremen. 2004 to 2006 manager at Molanex in Bremen. Since November 2006 company founder and manager of Adesiv GmbH with the responsibility of development, purchase and administration.


Jens Guth

Production Manager Adesiv GmbH




Started his career 1973 at Wikolin Polymer in Bremen.

From 1991 to 2006 Production Manager at Morton International and his successor Rohm and Haas, responsible for waterbased and solventbased products.

Waste Management Officer.

Since 2006 Production Manager.

Company founder and co-owner.

Tim Kammer

Technical Service Manager