In Mould Labelling (IML)

Adesiv GmbH's high-quality IML (aqueous-based) coatings are used worldwide by leading manufacturers for in-mold labels.

Particular advantages of IML coatings are in production, further processing, transport and injection molding. Also noteworthy are heat resistance, adhesion to films, water and block resistance, antistatic properties, electrical chargeability and low tendency to build up during injection molding. Typical application examples include plastic food packaging. Depending on the application, the IML coatings are also suitable for high-gloss, transparent, matte or overlapping labels. But they are also available for special packaging with a paper or sand feel as well as soft touch. 

Some IML coatings are characterized by their strong water resistance. They are conditionally dishwasher safe and suitable for pasteurization.

Recommended for special requirements, such as drinking cups, is the counter varnish from Adesiv GmbH. Due to its sealing property, this enables the color to be trapped between the label and the injected plastic, resulting in high product strength. 


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