DE-INK is an environmentally friendly process that will revolutionize the packaging industry with a view to sustainable recycling and new packaging legislation.

The aim is to remove the printing ink from plastic packaging produced using the widely used in-mold labeling process or flexible packaging, among other things, after use so that the plastic can be returned to the production process in a single-sort recycling process.  The idea is absolutely ingenious in its application and is achieved with a so-called primer.

After application of the primer, printing and further treatment with a water-based coating, the scratch-resistant ink applied to the products can simply be removed from the plastic over a wide area using hot water. The residues can then be filtered out of the washing water and the plastic recycled again according to type.


In view of and taking into account the current worldwide discussion regarding the pollution of our oceans by plastic waste, such an invention will make a significant contribution to reducing permanent new production of plastic packaging. Thanks to the perfect preparation for the recycling process.

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