About Adesiv GmbH

Adesiv Philosophy

"We love what we do. That's why we are your partner for competent solutions."


Special solutions and fast action are part of Adesiv GmbH's daily business. This is because customer satisfaction and consistently high product quality are top priorities for the company. Furthermore, Adesiv GmbH strives for the continuous development of the product portfolio, sustainable work and the steady growth of the company.


Corporate Development

In November 2006, Adesiv GmbH was founded in Weyhe/Lower Saxony, on the outskirts of Bremen. With the development and production of coatings and adhesives for the packaging industry  and specialization in food packaging  Adesiv GmbH has since made a good name for itself in the industry. 


The company's customers are companies that coat aluminum and plastic foils or print on paper or cardboard. The company also produces laminating and PSA adhesives for flexible materials. Whether primer, top coating (glossy or matte, soft or rough), heat-sealing lacquers or adhesives, with Adesiv GmbH you will find the right product for your needs.



Thanks to decades of experience in the chemical industry, Adesiv GmbH  in cooperation with its customers  is able to develop and produce innovative products entirely according to their requirements. Thus, companies processing coatings and adhesives worldwide can benefit from the competent and technical know-how of Adesiv's employees. 


We systematically approach tasks in cooperation with our customers: 

  • Step 1: Analysis of the problem and objective.
  • Step 2: Development of a prototype according to the technical specifications.
  • Step 3: Test phase of the prototype in production.
  • Step 4: Support during the application of the new or modified product in production. 
  • Step 5: Quality control with complete documentation.